Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Worth Pondering

(Cleft lip progression: Sage at a few weeks old, six months old, and 10 months old, a few months after surgery)

Actually, I realized after I finished that last post that I *do* have something to say and that is this: Today my husband was feeding Sage, and he was talking about Sage's past and upcoming surgeries. And he said that we were "un-perfecting what God made perfect." I have to admit that I've thought about that before. Certainly I wouldn't want Sage to go through life feeling Other and ostracized--but I think the way I'm planning to raise him, he probably would anyway. I always did.

I've settled on the conviction that if it were simply cosmetic, I don't think we would've gone through all of it. I think that would send a message that he is unacceptable as he is, which couldn't be further from the truth. But since these things affect his functioning (lip, palate, teeth) I think it's justifiable. I guess that's my little thing about acceptance and what God makes and all of that difficult stuff.

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