Monday, March 30, 2009

The Cuteness and Adobe Adventures

So I was finally able to install my Adobe Create Suite2 on Tom's computer. As you may know, I am now 2 versions behind the most recent, and I've had this software for a WHILE. But my computer did not have enough memory to install and run it. I am going to try to teach myself all the fun stuff I can. I think Photoshop is really going to help with the photos for my shop.

Speaking of which, I got my hands on some deliciously lovely roving at Portland Fiber Gallery and Weaving Studio, which I had the good fortune to visit on Friday. I'll be doing some new felted projects soon, and my brother's girlfriend has agreed to model for me. I'm really excited about that, because I plan on working on some new jewelry and hair accessories, and those are so much easier to photograph on someone else. I should have an update ready for Sunday, I hope. I'll keep you posted!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Monday

So I have been a ghost lately, when it comes to my internet presence. This is because of a little thing called a yearbook deadline, which is today but we got an extension till Wednesday. I have been layout-ing and editing and photo-placing till I can't see straight! But yesterday we took a break from all that to go the beach, and it was a beautiful day indeed. My parents, Tom, Sage, and I all went down to York to enjoy the sunshine. This is Tom on the porch:

And I also took a few pics of Sage yesterday too, in the first non-newborn size clothing he's been able to wear! We went to his doctor on Thursday and he weighed 9 lbs. 10 ozs! Plus he grew about 2 inches. That means in the last 3 weeks he gained almost 3 pounds! He's a little porker. And he's finally getting baby chub-- fat little cheeks, rolls on his legs, and little round belly! I love it!

His weight gain means that when we go see the plastic surgeon at the end of the month, they'll probably schedule his surgery then and there (he has to be 10 pounds before they'll operate, and the rate he's gaining, he'll easily be there in another 2 weeks).

Not only have I not had time for blogging, I haven't had time for creating! And that's a sad thing indeed. I have some ideas for some new shop additions, and I'm hoping once this yearbook is done, I'll have some time for that.