Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Freeform Cuff

Here's another freeform cuff I just made--I love the colors. I'm really on a purple kick these days. I just applied for a total dream job--more later on how that's gonna go. I'm seriously praying about it. Non-stop--it's like a mantra in my brain.

I also submitted poems to two of my favorite journals this week: Ninth Letter and Hunger Mountain. Ninth Letter is absolutely amazing. The visual art and written works co-mingle on the pages--it's a big format and one that I would LOVE a subscription to sometime when I have some extra dough. Hunger Mountain is VCFA's (where I did my MFA) journal. They were both online subs, so hopefully I'll hear back before too long.

Oh, so many things happening! How exciting!

1 comment:

Colorfulpen said...

Love the cuff. Best of luck on your subs.