Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year, Better Blogging?

I sure hope so! I'm going to make a concerted effort to blog more this year. Actually, after having more time to think about it, I have since added to the list I posted to Alison Tyler's blog (for which I won a snazzy Elvis quote pendant). So add to that: 1) posting on my blog more; 2) getting better at knitting (already working on that--see photo above); 3) trying to make something happen with singing/band thing (I want to be Karen O.); 4) potty training Sage! Okay, so he's only 11 months now, but summer is a great time to potty-train, I hear.

Since I am no longer on Facebook, this blogging thing should be a bit easier--the time I used to spend on FB I can now spend blogging about something interesting. And actually I would like to spend less time wandering around the vast internet and more time creating.

I have some great new ideas for products, so I'm hoping to get those new things started up and posted--unfortunately EVERYONE in the house is currently ill--even the baby. He has the saddest little cough. But he still smiles and laughs almost as much as usual. I'll post some Christmas pictures in the next day or so (his first Christmas!). Meantime, I'm off to try to snag a Treasury spot, finish my knitted cowl (first thing I've made for myself in about a year), and play some Beatles Rock Band with my brother before he has to fly back to CA tomorrow!

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