Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LIttle Miss Green Apple

I've been trying to prepare for my gift guides showcase spot tomorrow by adding some new headbands and hair items. I'm not sure what the results will be; I'm hoping it will at least give my shop some more exposure. I'm really trying to promote, but I don't know how to get more people to read my blog, check out my shop, etc. I've just kept adding things here and there, and checked out the forums for some suggestions and critiques of what I can improve. I'm just going to keep going, making pretty things, and having faith!

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Kiki Travels said...

You are so seriously bad-ass, I can barely stand it. I intend to purchase some of your lovely goodies as soon as my story $ arrives! Freelance is fun but late with the moola. I'm back in Portland for the summer and can't wait to see you. Let's do it soon. And I think we should hit a poetry slam or two as well.... xxoo