Sunday, April 19, 2009

Felting Fool

That's what I've been lately! I finally got the hang of wet felting, and I've done it every day for the past three! I don't know that I'll ever bother to completely needle felt anything again! It's so time-consuming. I've posted four brand new items today on my shop, and I'm really pleased with everything about them! Even the photographs. Here's one for you:

That's what I call the "Firebreather Ring"; it's of course wet felted then stitched then beaded. I hope to add quite a few more of those to the shop soon. I've also made some lovely headbands with flowers, which I've been wanting to make for a long time. There is a dark teal snood with accompanying flower in the works; look for that in the next day or so. I love snoods, and I want to bring them back. I crocheted a lovely brown one for myself a few years ago, and people always commented on it.

That's what's new in the fashion wonderland. . . Planning on lots of new exciting and visually delicious products in my near future.

Oh, and on the poetry front, I've entered a few poetry contests and sent some in to journals that don't pay. I'll of course let you know!


Geek+Nerd said...

Oh! I'm in love with your new flower headbands and that ring!!! I'm sorry I haven't sent Sage's hat to you yet. The weather has gotten warm, he probably won't even be able to wear it, HA! Oh my. This month has been a combination of no money/busy. I'll send it soon. Maybe he can sport it on a cool summer night.

frost said...

Thanks, Sarah! No rush on Sage's hat! It was sweet of you to make it at all! Plus, now he's quasi-famous since being featured on your blog! :)