Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Sage = Happy Mumma

Is that not an adorable baby? I mean, I may be a bit biased, but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen a cuter one ever! :) Sage has been giving us happy smiles and joyful laughs every day now for about two weeks! He'll be 3 months old in about a week and a half, and he just slept all night on Friday night! Went to sleep at 8, woke up at 5. He's such a good boy.

He eats like a ravenous little beastie. But he's getting toward an adult food schedule-- a lot fewer times a day, but around 6 or 7 ozs. every time. He hasn't been weighed since the beginning of the month, but I'm sure he's up around 13.5-14 pounds!

That's my little Sage update-- I should have another kind of update in a day or so! New products, if I can get them done in time. I bought a showcase spot for Wednesday, so I want to make sure to have plenty of warm-weather accessories in there.

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