Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bath Time with the Bean

As you can probably tell, he's not nuts about the whole bathing thing! :) But he looks so cute after we dry him off-- his hair fluffs up like a little baby chicken's! But while his teeny body is all wet and he's howling, he seems so bitty and vulnerable.

You know, I'm home all day and it seems like I should be able to get all kinds of things done-- I mean, he sleeps 3-4 hrs at a time, and it only takes him about 15 minutes to eat-- but it seems like all I have time for is taking care of him. The time just vaporizes or something. Because of course I have to pump every 2 hrs, and he needs to be changed and all that good stuff. But I have a wonderful time with him, and I think eventually everything will get to be a little smoother and quicker. Ta-ta from Mummaland!


Geek+Nerd said...

Haha - oh that is one unhappy bath time face! You'll have a laugh together at those pictures when he gets older I'm sure.

Michelle said...

I wondered too what I did all day when it took until 5:00 to realize I had showered, it does get easier.