Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Reclaimed Leather Jewelry

Last night I listed some new leather necklaces made from sample swatches from our local tannery that closed down a few years ago. It's actually about a stone's throw from my house! But anyway, they're on hand-braided cord with fun details like beading and embroidery. . . I plan to make some more, because although leather is not all that easy to hand sew through (this is thick leather), it was a lot of fun doing something totally new! Check out Atelier Frost on Etsy to see more new jewelry!

Also, this morning I headed to Etsy and what did I see? The treasury I made of all Maine Team members' items! :) It was very exciting, since it's my first front page with a treasury I made! Just in case it's not there anymore, here's a screen shot of it.

I hope all those lovely people on the front page get lots of views and sales!

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