Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Sale Ever at Frost!

So Sage is having his third surgery next week, and I decided to offer a Buy One, Get One 50% off Sale from today-April 29th (the day of the surgery). If you happen to mosey on over to Frost on Etsy and find some things you love, once you commit to buy I will send a revised invoice reflecting the discount! Discount taken on item of equal or lesser value. And no matter what you buy, it always ships Priority Mail for $5 in the US!


PussDaddy said...
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PussDaddy said...

He is adorable. Cleft palate and all.

P.S. I removed my other post because I misspelled palate.


Cyndle/AtelierFrost said...

Thanks! :) I think a lot of people do that--there are a couple of different homonyms for it in the English language!

Cyndle/AtelierFrost said...

Or is it homophones?? :)