Monday, March 8, 2010

New, Scary Adventures in DIY! (and the History of my Hair)

Let me start out by saying that I pretty much find out how to do something if it interests me. Just in the last year or two, I figured out needle and wet felting, knitting, and spinning (next on the list is resin) just because I saw things made with those processes that inspired me. So I did some research, bought supplies, and had at it.

But this story is not just about makin' stuff. The history of my hair is a pretty peaceful one. I've never had a perm, I've had just a handful of haircuts at salons (the rest have been courtesy of my mother), and I've had my hair highlighted once a year in the winter from maybe 1999 to 2007. My hair wasn't virginal, but it was not experienced.

In Vermont on one of my MFA residencies I dyed my hair (with the encouragement and assistance of my fabulous friend Liz) for the first time EVER--that was in January 2008. In junior high I saw other girls with crazy colored hair and wished I had the guts to do it, but I never did. Since 2008 I've dyed my hair various dark browns and a couple of times, even a bright, punchy red. And had a number of haircuts from my mom. She's great at cutting hair, but she has claimed to feel uncomfortable cutting my hair in a more "scene" style (yes, I am not emo but I LOVE scene hair). She gave me one awesome really layered haircut that was great for teasing (had lots of short layers on top/in the back) but I'll be damned if I can get her to do it again!

So today, after I cut Tom's hair (I cut my husband's hair and my son's hair with no nervousness whatsoever now--it wasn't always the case) I said "why don't I just learn to cut my hair myself?" So I watched some videos on YouTube about cutting your own hair, looked at pics of hairstyles I liked, and then I wet my head, velcroed on my hair-repelling Conair poncho, grabbed a comb and scissors, and had at it (I'm pretty sure I never would've undertaken such a project if my spinning wheel were not out of commission, so maybe that turned out to be a good thing today)!

I'm not going to lie. It got a bit dicey here and there. I was real worried about my layers getting out of control. And I don't think I breathed while I did my bangs. One thing that made it less scary was that I didn't actually snip with the scissors--I used a technique more like razoring, I just did it with my open scissors. And you know what? I'll be damned if it's not the best haircut I've ever had! :) Please see the blurry nighttime photo exhibit below. I normally don't take pictures when I don't have makeup on, but I thought this post would be nothing without pics.

It's not all teased and sprayed, but I think it still looks cute that way too. I have to say, as scared as I've always been to cut my own hair, I'm pretty impressed with my first try! Now what new skill can I conquer tomorrow? :)

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