Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wedding on the FastTrack!

So Tom and I have decided to stop moving the wedding date around, and stop trying to have a big family thing. We got our marriage license last weekend, and we're getting married this Sunday, if all goes according to plan. The weather looks good for it, so hopefully that's something we can count on!

I found an excellent JP named Julie Draper; we're going to meet with her tomorrow afternoon! I've only invited some sweet friends, and not many of them at that! It looks as though it'll be about 10 guests, all right around our age. No family, as I'm sure you can tell from that. I'm sick of being upset over it, so I've just decided to be happy about who IS going to be there and let everything else just be.

But now I'm in the peculiar position of trying to figure out a wedding ensemble in the next 3 days! Not that I haven't made clothes in less time. . . and anyway, it'll be fun! :) I'll keep you posted on how that goes, and after Sunday, I'll post some pics. Yay for us!

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