Friday, October 16, 2009

FRONT PAGE!! and handspun yarn plus a new item

Well, I've had my new shop on Etsy for a little over a year, and my dream of being featured on the Front Page finally came true! Of course, for once I wasn't online, and it was there yesterday afternoon. But I checked my Google Analytics report, and saw that I had more than 300 views yesterday--which I knew had to be because of a Front Page item! :) You can check out the archived treasury on CraftCult.

I also made yarn the other day that I used in a brand new item; in fact, I made it because I envisioned the perfect yarn for the project and it had to be done! I made the yarn on my drop spindle with roving from Portland Fiber Studio. I LOVE that place! I could spend so much money there. . .


Butterfly Maiden Scarf (made using the yarn on top in the above photo):

I'm going to see the Raveonettes is Boston on Tuesday too, so this is just an all-around great week or so! :)

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Geek+Nerd said...

Cyndle! I'm so proud of you for making the front page. That is amazing! You deserve it - you are so talented! On another note, thank you for your kind words re: Liam. You were there during that time of my life, so you have a special understanding of the situation, I feel.

We need to catch up - it's been too long, I miss you!!!