Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two for Tuesday: Things I'm Enjoying

Well, I have a couple of recommendations for you this fine morning. I have just finished my morning workout, and let me tell you--I have not enjoyed such a relaxing and inspiring one in a long time. The New York City Ballet workout is LOVELY. And easy enough that someone who admires ballet (but doesn't have a lick of dance training) can do it. I highly recommend it for a strength training workout that gets you really in touch with your body and needs no equipment, not even sneakers! Plus it makes me walk around with much nicer posture, and I feel more graceful in all my

Our Jostens Yearbook Rep Ryan came for a little cover meeting yesterday and brought us this lovely book (a copy each for my mother and me). It is such a cool project! I really think my friend, Ms. Cost would love it, if she hasn't seen it already. They're working on a Year of Evenings now. Click on the book cover to check out the blog where they post these photos!

Happy Tuesday!

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