Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Playlist: Dark Electro Brooding

(The perfect visual representation of this playlist)

I would love to share my playlists so you could listen to them right here, but since I've been finding so many great songs on RCRDLBL.com a lot of the things I'd like to include aren't available on playlist.com. I do know that most of these songs are findable on YouTube, so you can get a listen of them there!

This is one of my favorite playlists for late night creation marathons. It's dark and moody with some goth and shoegaze vibes: plenty of fuzzy guitars, the occasional synth, general gorgeous listlessness punctuated by desperate outbursts of emotion--enjoy!

Dark Electro Brooding Playlist

"Beat and the Pulse"--Austra
"Mild Confusion"--Tamaryn
"Little Kids"--Deerhunter
"Black/White"--The Raveonettes
"Public Pervert"--Interpol
"Rainbow Girl(Glasvegas Remake)"--Giana Factory
"Hidden Systems"--Bright Archer
"Roommates(Remix)"--Now, Now
"Advice & Vices"--Chelsea Wolfe
"Another Likely Story"--Au Revoir Simone
"Get Away"--120 Days
"Dry Ice"--Pure X
"A Time To Be So Small"--Interpol
"Apparitions"--The Raveonettes

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