Saturday, May 22, 2010


Wow, I've been lax with the posting lately! But here's a poem for you. It's old. From 2005! I was looking at some stuff I had on my external hard drive my old computer, and out of 40 or so poems, this is the only one that really spoke to me in its entirety.

Wanna Get it Right: A Sonic Embodiment
by Cyndle Plaisted Rials

I’ve read everything and you seem kinda fucked up kinda pissed off
off on tangents lots of that off-and-on,
sweet unpredictable
focused madness that spreads and intrigues
and I mirror we mirror
I’d watch your face and trace the changes
thatfast, not so fast
as 8mm film tick ticking winding through wheels cogs reeling back
on itself reflexive like all this cyclical
all that rolling circular
back and forth still brilliance from green to blue
sharp shots pairing wit
imparting fabulous personal truths which wind around
legs tangled hair askew around the body a vacuum
poles magnets of coldness or heat— hard to tell. To leave well
enough alone— not my style not yours not
when things cluster
and break shatter rework in the slow
burning silences or the swift exchange
it’s all melting and pooling, swelling
like speed-heated glass so
fragile I won’t blow too hard.


Geek+Nerd said...

I like the last line :)

Cyndle/AtelierFrost said...

Thanks! I find that things come our kind of crazy off the bat--I usually do some editing to fix that. But it's fun sometimes to just put a totally raw poem out there!