Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crazy Days

So life up here has been a bit nutty lately! The craft shows are now over, so I have a little bit more time to do what I want, but we had an ice storm that began on Thursday. School was closed early that afternoon, and what ensued was not a happy little snow day. My friend Sarah described the typical experience very well on her blog. My birthday was on Friday, which was sort of uneventful as far as birthday things go (no dinner out, or anything like that); but it was still pretty nice. My parents have always heated the house with wood (we only turn the furnace on when we need hot water for dishes or bathing) so we had both a heat source and a way of cooking food there. Other than not playing Rock Band or having lights, the day was pretty much like our normal life. There was a bit of mad scramble to get the food out of the refrigerator and freezer and out into the snow. But by Saturday around noon, we were back on the grid, and all was well.

Anyone who knows me fairly well knows that my brother and Tom have not really gotten along all that great since last January after a little scuffle they had. Tom has been wanting to make things up with Cam and let the past be past, but Cam hasn't been all that receptive to Tom's overtures of friendship. However, on Saturday night, we all had a lot of fun together, and the two boys talked FINALLY, and everything is all right now. So I'm pretty darn happy.

House-buying plans are at a standstill these days; I have been given the opportunity to keep living at home, and I think that's going to be a better idea. I think maybe buying a house and having a baby with no money saved behind us might be a stressful amount of responsibility all of a sudden, especially for Tom. Ah, all seems to be right with the world! Now I just need to get a time to take pictures of all the things I've been making with my extra time! :)Link

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